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about Stock Market Institute

Stock Market Institute is the pioneer in the field of capital markets bringing together industry domain experts to impart comprehensive training on investing in several financial instruments through in-depth information in a real-time interactive environment

01. our vision

Build a cohesive ecosystem for market-savvy investors and professional investment decision.

02. Our mission

Promote financial literacy across diverse individuals through robust sessions on capital markets.

03. Our Approach

We take the experiential route and frame our programs with the practical application of learned concepts focusing on the what, why, when and how of capital markets in a conducive environment encouraging brainstorming and active interaction.

100 Courses
300000 Lives Touched
200 Workshops
260 Certified Trainers

our Programs

  • One-Day Workshop on Stock Market
  • Certification Program in Capital Markets [Level 1]
  • Certification Program in Capital Markets [Level 2]
  • Advanced Certification in Capital Markets
  • One-Day Workshop on Stock Market

    You think stock markets are complicated. We make it simple for you. This workshop puts an end to the wrong perceptions surrounding the stock market industry.
    Duration: 1 Day

  • Certification Program in Capital Markets - Level 1

    Thought-provoking sessions spread across three modules uncover the know-how of financial markets driven by comprehensive training and the practical application of the basics and the fundamentals of trading and investing.
    Duration: 7 Weeks

  • Certification Program in Capital Markets - Level 2

    Setting off from CPCM Level 1, this level takes a deeper dive into the dynamics of capital markets. Informed participants get a strong foothold in derivatives and the underlying secrets to wealth creation, while effectively managing the risks to ensure maximum returns.
    Duration: 13 Weeks

  • Advanced Certification in Capital Markets

    A comprehensive program covering the critical facets of capital markets, this advanced certification course imparts the methodologies required to forecast data through market study and to evaluate the financial condition of the market.

Note: Classes available on Weekdays and Weekends


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